Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Register?

During open registration you may follow the link on this website under REGISTRATION.  If registration has closed, please send an email to the administrator who will determine if there is space on a team for your child.  You should receive a response within 24 hours.
How Much is Registration?
Registration costs vary by age group and division.  The current rates for recreational are posted on this website under Registration Information. Registration and club fees for the Advanced programs can be obtained by emailing jyscinfo@gmail.com
What Does my Registration Pay For?
Your registration fee pays for a variety of things including field development and maintenance, trainers and coaches, practice and game-day equipment, insurance, statewide and national affiliation costs, referees and other various administrative expenses. 
Do I have to purchase anything else?  How much, and, what does it include?
Recreational Division players need to purchase cleats, shinguards, uniforms and an age appropriate soccer ball.
Advanced Division players have the responsibility of purchasing a uniform along with team fees involved to cover the cost of tournaments and such.  Each individual team creates a budget once the teams are formed each year.
Where do I get the uniforms?  Can we buy different uniforms?
Recreational Division players and Advanced Division players order uniforms from our vendor, Eurosport (www.soccer.com). Both divisions are provided specific links to their kits, and they may be used for a minimum of two years (four recreational seasons).
How and When do I find out what team my child is on?
Recreational Division players are generally notified approximately 2 weeks before the season officially begins. 
Advanced Division players are contacted directly by the coaches immediately following try-outs in the late spring each year.
May I coach?  If so, what are the requirements?  Are there coaching courses available?
Most parents are able to coach within the Recreational Division.  We request all parents that wish to volunteer contact our Director of Coaching, Tim Lucas at jyscdoc@gmail.com.  JYSC is active in training Coaches in the state of Florida, with instructors and courses provided through both NSCAA and USSF.
Can I request to play with my child’s friends?
JYSC makes every attempt to meet the special requests within the recreational division that you may have, whether it is specific locations and times of practice, carpooling or being placed on a team with a friend. 
Who are the board members?  How do I become one?
The current listing of the Board of Directors can be found within the Administration Section.
Does the club have a main point of contact?
The club Administrator is the main point of contact. Click here to email the JYSC Administrator
Does the club need volunteers?
The answer to this questions is a RESOUNDING YES! JYSC cannot function without our highly valued volunteers!  We engage parents, grandparents and friends to help out in numerous ways with our Club.  In addition,  JYSC likes to utilize students that need community service hours. Click here to email the JYSC Volunteer Coordinator
How can I become a club Sponsor?
Sponsors!  Another highly valued part of the JYSC community.  We are thrilled to explore ways in which we can benefit your company, or put your thoughtful donation to work for the good of the children.  
Is the club a non-profit organization?
JYSC is a 501c3 corporation.
Why do some teams practice at the complex while other teams cannot?
All teams are offered space at any of our three fields for practices. 
How do I reschedule a game if it is rained out?
All games that need to be rescheduled MUST go through the club registrar.  Please email Alice Smith to reschedule.
What is FYSA?
Florida Youth Soccer Association - for more detailed information go to their website at http://www.fysa.com/
What is ODP?
The US YOUTH SOCCER Olympic Development Program or ODP as it is more commonly called is a national identification and development program for high-level players.  The program identifies and develops youth players throughout the country to represent their state association, region and the United States in soccer competition.
Does the Jacksonville Youth Soccer Club offer camps?  When are they held and what do they cost?
Camps are generally offered during the winter and summer months that are not active playing seasons.  They vary each season and the best way to get information is to check here on this website monthly for updates. 
How do I become a referee?
For up-to-date information about referee classes and certifications, please visit the Referee Corner on this website.  You can also contact Stan Smith directly by clicking here.
Where can I find the most up-to-date information about the club?
The best place to find club information is here, on the club website. Start with the main page.
How do I find out if the complex is open or closed?  When/Where is this information posted?
JYSC posts club closure information on the website start page.  Find the "Field Status" section on the right side of the home page.
Who handles complaints?
Complaints should be sent to the Board Member that oversees the club department that is having the problem.  Log onto the "Board" link located on the club website.  General complaints should be directed to the club Administrator.
Who handles Fundraising?
Team fundraising is handled by each team individually.  Club fundraising proposals should be sent to the club Administrator, Director of Coaching, or any Board member.
What is the club’s mailing address? 
P.O. Box 57065
Jacksonville, FL 32241-7065
Where can I find a map of the fields?
Log onto the “Field and Directions ” link located on the left navigation bar on the website to download a map.
Who takes team photos?
JYSC engages a contracted professional each seasonal year to take official team photos. In addition, if you visit our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/jyscsoccer you will find many photos that are taken by family and friends!
How are recreational teams formed?
Recreational teams are formed based on age of the player, requests for team mates or coaches as well as zip code.  Attempts are made to group players together that have requested to play together, but when no request is made we try to group by zip code and school.
Does my child have coverage if they are injured playing soccer?
Registered players have a limited group coverage held by the clubs liablity insurer.
Who runs the concession stand?
 JYSC has a fabulous vendor who provides concession services on game days.
What happens if an official doesn’t show up for my game?
Coaches and parents are asked to take turns being the game official.  Notify the Referee Coordinator if this rare situation should occur.
How long is a season?  When are games played?  Where do we practice?
Recreational season is 10 weeks long with games played every Saturday.  Games for 10 and under are played at Chuck Rogers Field. Games for 12 and above are within the North Florida Region.  There is a Fall Season and a Spring Season.
Select players are committed to their team from August 1 through the following July 31.


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