Coaches' Packet


Jacksonville Youth Soccer Club
Non-Profit Organization Dedicated To Youth Soccer
P. O. Box 57065
Jacksonville, FL 32241-7065
Web Site - www.jysc.com
Coach and Manager Information
Season 2013 - 2014
Based on the geographical location of the club, the quality of the training staff, the dedication of the administrators, and the past performance of the clubs’ advanced teams, Jacksonville Youth Soccer Club is the standard of soccer excellence in Northeast Florida.
Jacksonville Youth Soccer Club’s Advanced Team Mission
  • To improve the Advanced Division player’s skills, awareness, and decision-making ability thereby facilitating passion for the game. 
  • To prepare our most dedicated and motivated players for the opportunity of competing at higher levels, including, but not limited to, collegiate soccer.  
  • To provide well-rounded players to the Florida Youth Soccer Association’s and United States Youth Soccer Association’s Olympic Development Programs
Coaching Responsibilities & Player Bill of Rights

Coaching Responsibilities
Player Bill of Rights
Plan all activities
Every child has the right to properly prepare
Provide proper instruction
Every child has the right to strive for success
Provide a safe physical environment
Supervise all activities
Every child has the right to play in a safe and healthy environment
Have good team communication
Each child has right to have clearly defined expectations 
Ensure adequate and proper equipment
Provide appropriate assistance when necessary
Every child has the right to qualified adult supervision
Evaluate athletes for injury or incapacity
Warn of inherent risks
Every child has the right to be treated with dignity by all involved.

Communication: JYSC has established and maintains a communication network to meet everyone’s level of technology. The Club phone line, web site, and email are all methods to keep you informed before, during and after soccer season. Please let your team members know how to contact the Club should they desire to do so. If you do not know who to contact about a certain problem or question email jyscinfo@gmail.com. Your email will be directed to the proper person.
Web Site: The Jacksonville Youth Soccer Club web site address is
www.jysc.com. Please visit the web site for valuable information including the email addresses of all board members, weekly reminders, and meeting dates.
Team Web Sites: If your team has a Team Web Site that can be accessed by the general public, it must be approved by the Club. 
Team Manager: Each team will have a parent team manager that handles the administrative duties of the team. Each team manager works collaboratively with the coach to provide information about the team, its accomplishments, individual player accomplishments, travel arrangements, travel paperwork and the other administrative needs of the team. The team manager may enlist the help of other parents on the team to accomplish this task. This is a required position for all advanced teams.
Team Treasurer: Each team should also have a team treasurer. The team treasurer should keep up-to-date records of the payments made into the team account, and expenditures made out of the team account, and be able to provide an accurate accounting to any team parent that asks to see the team account. This is not a required position. The team manager may incorporate this in his/her job duties.
Team Accounts: A team account will be established by each advanced team. A team treasurer for each Select Team will be appointed by the team (and may be the team manager). The Team Treasurer will provide each parent on the team (and the Club administration) an accounting of the team account at least twice per seasonal year. Based on the schedule of needs and activities provided by the Coach, the treasurer will create an overall  team budget with an amount due for each player so the team financial needs will be met. Teams are encouraged to raise additional funds for their team accounts through fundraisers and contributions from sponsors which can reduce the individual family’s contribution required to the team.
Commitment: Players registering for the Advanced Program are committing for the seasonal year (August 1 - July 31). 
Submission of Players: As soon after tryouts as possible, the coach/manager will submit the names of the players on a team to the Club and the Affiliate Liaison. This is very important because until the Club and Affiliate Liaison are provided with the players, no uniforms, player passes or gear may be ordered. The Club understands that there may be players that add or drop subsequent to the submission of this list. If a player adds or drops, the manager must notify the Club and Affiliate Liaison as soon as possible. The Club will send each selected player pertinent information for the season including an invoice for Club fees.
Fees: The fee for the select division is set by the Board of Directors each year. This fee includes training, coaching, fields, equipment, insurance, and all other direct and administrative costs. By accepting a position offered on a JYSC Advanced team at the end of tryouts, you will be accepting the obligation for all financial commitments as required by the Advanced Division of JYSC. If necessary, financial assistance is available by application only. The financial assistance may be requested by email. Failure to meet financial obligations to the club may result in the player being placed “Not in Good Standing” with the Club as well as FYSA. Players “Not in Good Standing” shall have all playing privileges suspended until all club and team financial obligations are fulfilled. Should a player wish to be released (other than for a season ending injury or a move out of state) or to transfer to another club prior to the end of the seasonal year, the player/parents will be required to fulfill all financial obligations noted above before the Change of Status is considered.
Payments: Current fees and payment schedules may be obtained by emailing us at jyscinfo@gmail.comFees are set each year by the Board of Directors.
Additional Costs: There will be additional costs of playing on an Advanced team that are not covered by the registration fee. Costs associated with travel to tournaments and purchase of additional team equipment or supplies not provided by the club must be paid for by the team account. The team account may be funded from contributions, sponsorships and other club approved fund-raising events. (Please see “fundraising” below). In addition, individual cost related to travel is not included in the club fee.
Uniforms:  A uniform kit is required for purchase every other year. All advanced players will wear the uniforms assigned by the Club. The coach/manager will provide the names of the players chosen for a team and the uniform vendor will receive the information. The vendor will directly provide ordering instructions to each player with the mandatory kit items, and other discretionary items. Included in the kit is a practice jersey which should be worn by all players to practices.
Purchase of Extra Gear/Team Supplies: The Club encourages you to purchase additional team gear/supplies through the uniform vendor (soccer.com). To purchase gear/supplies, please click on the link on the home page of www.jysc.com.
Coaching Classes/Clinics: The Club strongly encourages all coaches to participate in coaching classes. With prior approval of the DOC, the cost for these classes will be reimbursed by the Club provided proper documentation is submitted and in accordance to the reimbursement plan.
Training/Practice: Select teams will train at least one time per week with Club staff for 1.5 hours. The second practice session will be with the team’s head coach for 1.5 hours. The exact days and times of practice and the location of practice will be determined by the Club and made available approximately three weeks before the start of the season. You will be contacted by the Club with this information as soon as it is available.
Trainers & Coaches: Trainers and Coaches will be appointed for each advanced team by the Director of Coaching with approval from the Board of Directors. Training and Coaching assignments will be announced prior to try-outs.
Season: In the advanced division there are two (2) seasons, fall and spring. The advanced players selected through tryouts are accepting a position for both fall and spring seasons. Some teams, depending upon the scheduling rotation they are in, may play during the winter season as well.
League Play and Seasonal Schedule: The League a team participates in will be at the head coach’s discretion but only after approval from the Director of Coaching. JYSC covers the cost of participation in North Florida Youth Soccer League. Other leagues, including FSL, FSPL, FPL or Region III are borne by the individual teams. NFY Schedules will be made available to participating teams at the earliest possible time. Schedules from other Leagues will be provided in accordance with that League’s procedures.
Referee Fees: Referee fees for teams in NFYSL will be paid by the Club. Teams participating in other League play will have referee fees reimbursed up to a maximum of five (5) games in a seasonal year. After you have played your game(s), complete the reimbursement request form available through the club bookkeeper, Mary Nussbaum (m.nussbaum@comcast.net) and return to her via email for payment.
Travel Coordinator: The Club has an official Travel Coordinator - Avanti Travel Advisors. They can be reached for all team travel needs by phone: 904-285-2914 or by email: info@avantitraveladvisors.com. Our personal contact is Vice President, Patti O'Brien.
Tournaments: Requests for tournament play for each team will be submitted by each team’s head coach to the Director of Coaching for approval. Advanced teams can expect to enter into State Cup or Region Cup tournaments in the spring season that may cover multiple weekends. The determination of attending these events will be at the discretion of each team’s head coach if approved by the Director of Coaching.
Once the head coach has received approval to participate in a tournament, the team manager should complete the tournament registration. The entry fee for the tournament should be paid from the team account. At the same time, the team manager should provide the Club’s Affiliate Liaison (AL) with the name and date of the tournament as some tournament participation requires the Club to complete additional paperwork. The AL requires at least two week’s notification of tournament play within the State of Florida, 1 month within the Region III area (southeast) and 2 months notification outside of Region III. Failure to meet these deadlines may mean that the team will not be able to participate in the tournament, or will incur a hefty fee from FYSA to provide the necessary paperwork.
Guest Player(s): It is the general policy that guest players do not pay fees of any kind as they are guests. 
Guest Player Player Pass and Roster: If your Coach wants to invite a guest player to participate on your team for an allowed event, the team manager will need to contact the Club Affiliate Liaison so that your paperwork can be amended.
Guest Player Uniform: The team will lend a complete uniform kit to a guest player. Teams are strongly encouraged to order at least one guest player uniform to have available both as a guest player kit, and as a "blood kit" should an injury with blood require the changing of a jersey during game play.
State Tournament Play: Each Advanced division team participating in Region Cup will have the registration fee for the Region B Cup tournament paid by the club. Each Advanced division team will playing in State Cup will pay the registration fee for the FYSA State Cup Tournament.  The Club will complete all paperwork for these events. The determination of these events will be at the discretion of the team’s head coach and approved by the Director of Coaching. The Club will pay for all referee fees associated with Region B Cup and State Cup play.
Non-Parent Coach Reimbursement Policy: It is considered commonplace and appropriate for non-parent coached teams to be reimbursed for actual travel expenses associated with team play. These expenses include hotel, gas, airfare (if applicable) and meals. The maximum reimbursement for meals on any one day is $50 with itemized receipts for the coach only, lodging up to $120/day and mileage is covered, outside of the NFYSL region for official league or tournament play, at $.45 per mile. All expenses must be submitted to the Team Treasurer along with proper receipts on the JYSC Team Expense Reimbursement Form. Reimbursement will be paid from the team account provided there are funds available. For additional information regarding covered and non-covered charges, please refer to the JYSC Expense Reimbursement Policy which is available by emailing: jyscinfo@gmail.com
Travel: Out-of-Town Match Play/Out-of-Town Tournament Play: Parents/Guardians of players participating in tournaments or matches where an overnight stay is necessary shall make reasonable arrangements for their children concerning travel, meals, accommodations, chaperoning/supervision and all other requirements necessary for the care and safeguarding of their children. Players shall NOT stay overnight in the same room with any coach unless the coach is the player’s parent. If parents cannot attend an out-of-town match/tournament, they must arrange for the parents of another player, or another suitable adult who is NOT a coach at JYSC, to supervise and chaperone their child. 
Travel expenses associated with Tournament play are the responsibility of each player’s family. Please be aware that additional costs may be incurred due to out-of-town match/tournament play for things including but not limited to, transportation costs, lodging, and meals.
Game Day at JYS: Coaches having the first games of the day will be responsible for setting up their field for play if asked to do so by the Site Director. This means positioning and ANCHORING the goals, setting out benches and placing the corner flags. If the Site Director so directs, coaches having the last games of the day will be responsible for breaking-down their field. This means putting the goals away, putting the corner flags in the trailer, and putting the aluminum benches away. 
Field Condition: If there is any question or concern pertaining to field condition or equipment, please check the website at www.jysc.com.  You can sign up for automatic text notification of field status through the website as well. This will be important on days with inclement weather.
Game Day/Practice Day Inclement Weather: Chuck Rogers Park, Losco Regional Park and Earl Johnson Park are equipped with state-of-the-art, lightning detection systems. When the horn sounds the fields are to be cleared IMMEDIATELY. When there is lightning THERE IS NO SAFE PLACE ON THE FIELD. THE ONLY SAFE PLACE is in a car. When it is safe to resume play the system will give an “all-clear” signal of three (3) horn blasts. If your game is delayed by 30 minutes due to unsafe conditions, consider your game complete (if you were in the second half or third or fourth quarter), and suspended, if you were in the first half or first or second quarter. To complete a suspended game, please follow the rescheduling procedure in the section below. If your game start time is delayed by 30 minutes, your game will be rescheduled. It is your responsibility to contact the scheduler to reschedule your game (please see section below on rescheduling games). As with all game-day issues the Site Director will make the final determination. Please do not leave the field without checking with the Site Director.
*** Mechanical devises are aids. They are not a substitute for good, common sense – if you see lightning GET OFF OF THE FIELD.
Player Passes and Official State Rosters U9-U19 Advanced
At EVERY game you MUST present: (1) Coach Pass (2) All Player Passes, laminated, signed and with a 1x1 photo of the player (head shot) (3) Official State Roster. 
The Club’s Affiliate Liaison will have all “Player Passes” and rosters, signed and returned to the Coach/Team Manager prior to the start of the season. The Coach/Manager should keep all Player Passes in his/her possession. It is suggested that the passes be kept on a “key ring” so that he/she is sure to have these available at all matches. If you do not have all player passes the referees have been instructed TO RESTRICT THE PLAYER FROM PLAY and the Club will be FINED. At every game, the coach must provide the referee with a copy of his/her roster. You should make several copies of your roster. If the referee should forget to return the roster at the end of the game, you will have a copy which you can use the following weekend. 
** Player Passes belong to the CLUB. Under no circumstances should a player take his/her player pass for any reason. A player that has a change in status will need a new player pass. Therefore, it is vital that the Club be informed of any player changes/additions. Players that have a change of status must surrender their current pass to the Club before any changes occur.
** After the initial roster has been given to the Coach/Manager, any subsequent changes may be subject to an administrative fee. The Club will notify the Coach/Manager if a fee will be charged. The administrative fee must be paid to the club prior to any roster changes.
Canceling/Rescheduling NFYSL Games or Other League Games Scheduled for a JYSC Field
  • If you must cancel a game, you MUST use the following procedure:
  • Cancellations must be done at least seven (7) days in advance. If you cancel with less than seven days notice, the Club will be FINED by NFYSL
  • You must call the opposing coach (if you do not know his/her contact number go to the web site nfysl.com and click on the coach list)
  • You must ALSO notify the Jacksonville Youth Soccer Club Scheduler. Look on the Board of Directors phone list on the website.
  • Please check with the scheduler for date/time/field availability
  • Please coordinate with the opposing coach a convenient date and time for your rescheduled game using the information gleaned from the Scheduler.. 
  • When you have a date and time, email this information to the JYSC Scheduler. Your request will be confirmed by the Club. 
  • You must then confirm with the opposing coach. Please try to use a Sunday for your  rescheduled game.
Site Director: The Site Director will be in charge of all Game Day activities, issues, concerns or problems. 
Site Director Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Oversee Field set-up – Goals, Benches, Corner Flags - Field Break-Down – Store Goals, Benches, Corner Flags
  • Distribute Referee Envelopes –
  • Monitor all activity at the fields.
  • Address Unsportsmanlike or Disorderly conduct of coaches/players/spectators.
  • Assure that any injured person is adequately cared for. Be sure the referee completes an incident report if the injury occurred during a game.
  • For all emergencies call 911.
  • If a red card is given be sure the referee completes an incident report.
Referees: The referee is in charge of all game activity and is to make sure each team abides by the rules. His/Her decisions are FINAL. It is the referee’s responsibility to keep the game clock, stop for injuries and remind the players of proper game conduct. He/She can eject players who do not show proper conduct. Referees must be assigned only by the Club’s certified Referee Assignor.
Confrontations between referees and any coach or spectator are not permitted. Also, please be aware that referees have the authority to eject coaches and spectators from the field of play. Referees also have the authority to end a game at any time should they deem it necessary. If a coach or spectator has an immediate issue concerning a referee, he/she should locate and inform the Site Director of the problem.  Coaches will be held responsible for their behavior and for their teams parents’ behavior. Please be sure that each parent understands and practices proper behavior at every game. Please be sure each parent knows that the Site Director is available as a remedy to improper behavior. Most importantly, let us all agree that the welfare of the players is our principal concern.
In rare circumstances a referee may miss an assignment. Here is what you should do if the situation arises:

No Show Referee U9-U19
Go to the referee tent and ask for the Site Director.

Sanctioned Game: A game played between two teams in uniform with referees assigned by a certified Referee Assignor and the teams must present proper credentials (Official Roster and Player Passes). JYS players are NEVER permitted to participate in any game other than a Sanctioned Game. There is no such thing as a “Friendly”.
Scrimmage: A practice between two teams. Players may never be in uniform for a scrimmage. No referee may be used. If you scrimmage a team from another club, those players may not be in uniform AND those players must be properly affiliated with Florida Youth Soccer Association.
Equipment/Safety Issues: Please closely supervise all practices. Please be sure all players abide by the safety rules (1) Shinguards are mandatory for all games and practices. (2) No baseball cleats (if there is a cleat on the toe it is a baseball shoe) (3) No jewelry to be worn during games or practices (4) No player may participate with any type of cast (5) each player should stay properly hydrated and (6) all goals used during practice must be properly and securely anchored.

Players on the field
6 Includes Goalkeeper
2 (25 minutes)
5-10 min
8 Includes Goalkeeper
2 (30 minutes)
5-10 min
11 Includes Goalkeeper
2 (35 minutes)
5-10 min
11 Includes Goalkeeper
2 (40 minutes)
5-10 min
11 Includes Goalkeeper
2 (45 minutes)
5-10 min

Conflict Resolution/Grievance Procedure: If you have a problem with a parent, another coach, a referee or any situation you do not feel you can resolve, contact your divisional VP. If your problem or grievance is with your divisional VP, contact the Club President. If you have a problem on game day, please seek assistance from the Site Director.
Club Fund Raising: The Club philosophy is to pursue outside funding for our teams and players to help minimize the costs associated with soccer play. We believe that soccer is a sport for all children and young adults. 
Unfortunately, many children are unable to participate because the registration and other fees associated with soccer play are prohibitive. By actively pursing grants, corporate sponsorships and other fund raising ventures, we hope to fund our financial aid program and our select team accounts to levels that will minimize expenses to players and their families.
Throughout the season the Club will refer fund raising programs and opportunities. While participation in these fund raising events is not mandatory, we strongly urge your involvement and support of our fund raising efforts.
It has always been a JYSC rule that fund raising projects undertaken by club members and teams be brought before the Board of Directors for approval, it is now imperative that you wait for approval on any fund raiser you plan to implement. By actively pursuing outside funding, there will be circumstances when money is given to the Club with restrictive covenants. We do not wish to jeopardize any funding received by violating associated contractual terms.
If you or your team plans to initiate any fund raising activity, please submit in writing (email is acceptable) the details of the fund raiser to the Board of Directors before you begin. You will be given approval or denial of the plan in writing by the Board of Directors in a timely manner.
As always, should you have any questions or concerns about our Club, please feel free to contact any Board member.
Team Manager Duties

Each team should select a team manager. The Team Manager may enlist the help of as many parents on the team as he/she sees fit. The team manager should assist the coach with the administrative duties of the team. These duties include but are not limited to:

***The team manager may delegate any of his/her duties to other parents/players on the team. The manager is ultimately responsible for the fulfillment of all duties.
  • Send list of anticipated tournament play for the seasonal year to the Club.
  • Inform club of League participation, and if NFYSL, make sure AL has all required information. If a league other than NFYSL, complete the application/registration for the league. Make sure that Club administration and DOC know the league chosen.
  • Compile and distribute to each family: contact information for each player on the team, team budget and meeting information
  • Communicate to players and parents all plans for tournament play, fund raising activities/commitments with reasonable advance notice.
  • Pick-up signed roster and player passes from Registrar when complete. Make copies of signed Official Roster.
  • Copy and distribute season game schedules to all players. The Club will send these to you as soon as they are available if NFYSL, and you will receive them from other leagues for distribution to your players.
  • See that all players are contacted and informed of any rescheduled or canceled games or practices.
  • Manage team account. Responsible for submitting all non-parent coach expenses to treasurer for reimbursement on the JYSC Expense Reimbursement Form.
  • Communicate information regarding the team account when asked by any team parent.
  • Complete all paperwork for tournament play giving heed to deadlines for submission. Must communicate tournament plans, rules and schedules to players and parents.
  • Make team travel arrangements, to include making sure that all players are adequately supervised while out-of-town. 
  • Assist the Head Coach with whatever he/she should request not specifically mentioned above.
Should you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the VP of Select, the DOC or the Director of Operations at jyscinfo@gmail.com.

Complaints: Complaints should be in writing and sent to Jacksonville Youth Soccer Club. All official complaints will be addressed before the Board of Directors in a timely manner. If you do not wish to make a formal complaint but would like to discuss a problem, you may email jyscinfo@gmail.com.

Conflict Resolution/Grievance Procedure
: If you have a problem with a parent, another coach, a referee or any situation you do not feel you can resolve, contact your divisional VP. If your problem or grievance is with your divisional VP, contact the Club President. If you have a problem on game day, please seek assistance from the Site Director.



I will encourage good sportsmanship from fellow players, coaches, officials and parents at all times.

I will remember that soccer is an opportunity to learn and have fun. I deserve to play in an environment that is free of drugs, tobacco, and alcohol; and expect everyone to refrain from their use at all soccer games.
I will do the best I can each day, remembering that all players have talents and weaknesses the same as I do.
I will treat my coaches, other players and coaches, game officials, other administrators, and fans with respect at all times; regardless of race, sex, creed, or abilities, and I will expect to be treated accordingly.
I will concentrate on playing soccer. Always giving my best effort.
I will play by the rules at all times.
I will at all times control my temper, resisting the temptation to retaliate.
I will always exercise self control.
My conduct during competition towards play of the game and all officials shall be appropriate and in accordance with FIFA’s "Laws of the Game", and in adherence to FYSA rules.
While traveling, shall conduct myself so as to bring credit to myself and my team.       
I will not possess, consume or distribute alcohol, illegal drugs or unauthorized prescription drugs before, during or after any game or at any other time at the field and/or game complex.

I will never place the value of winning before the safety and welfare of all players.

 I will always show respect for players, other coaches, and game officials.
I will lead by example, demonstrating fair play and sportsmanship at all times.
I will demonstrate knowledge of the rules of the game, and teach these rules to my players.
I will never use abusive or insulting language. I will treat everyone with dignity.
I will not tolerate inappropriate behavior, regardless of the situation.
I will not allow the use of anabolic agents or stimulants, drugs, tobacco,or alcohol by any of my players.
I will never knowingly jeopardize the eligibility and participation of a student-athlete.
Youth have a greater need for example than criticism. I will be the primary soccer role model.
I will at all times conduct myself in a positive manner.
Coaching is motivating players to produce their best effort, inspiring players to learn, and encouraging players to be winners.
My actions on sidelines during games shall be in the spirit of "good sportsmanship" at all times. Profanity, profane gestures, arguing, inciting disruptive behavior by spectators and/or players, or any conduct not in the spirit of good sportsmanship, shall require disciplinary action from the affiliate [JYSC].
To the best of my ability, I will not allow alcohol, illegal drugs and unauthorized prescription drugs to be possessed, consumed or distributed before, during or after any game or at any other time at the field and/or game complex.

I will encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches, game officials, and administrators, at all times.

 I will place the emotional and physical well being of all players ahead of any personal desire to win.
I will support the coaches, officials, and administrators working with my child, in order to encourage a positive and enjoyable experience for all.
I will remember that the game is for the players, not for the adults.
I will ask my child to treat other players, coaches, game officials, administrators, and fans with respect.
I will always be positive.
I will always allow the coach to be the only coach.
I will not get into arguments with the opposing team’s parents, players, or coaches.
I will not come onto the field for any reason during the game.
I will not criticize game officials.
To the best of my ability, I will not allow alcohol, illegal drugs and unauthorized prescription drugs to be
possessed, consumed or distributed before, during or after any game or at any other time at the field and/or game complex.
Failure to comply with the Code of Ethics may result in the suspension of your privilege to participate
in JYSC and FYSA sanctioned events, for the following periods:
1st offense suspension minimum thirty (30) days to a maximum of five (5) years
2nd offense suspension for a minimum of one (1) year to a maximum of ten (10) years
3rd offense suspension for a minimum of five (5) years to a maximum of fifty (50) years.
NOTE: Any individual charged with a violation of this Code of Ethics shall be
afforded due process as defined in FYSA’s rule section 507 before the
implementation of any suspension.
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