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The mission of the JYSC Select iD Academy is to provide your player with professional training twice a week during the summer months in order to better prepare them for their next season. A primary focus of this invitational program is to further enhance & develop their individual skill sets in all four phases of the game: Technical, Tactical, Physical and Psychological. Invites will be sent out over the next two weeks with the program starting June 4th.

Players age 6 to 10 years old have a special ability to learn. Therefore, this is the right age to work on specific soccer techniques and skills. At these developmental stages, players need to learn the technical skills first in order to be successful farther down the road in their playing career regardless of their level.   Teaching a strong foundation of technical skills on which we can build as the player develops is the key focus of this program.

A child must first learn sounds and letters, then words before you can hand a child a book and expect them to read. In soccer, the same sort of skill building is required. They must learn the fundamentals before he can compete at the highest level. With our US Soccer approved curriculum and training methods, the players will be placed in a competitive environment where the demands of training and games will best promote individual and team success for the present and the future.

In terms of soccer development, your child is just beginning his/her 'education.' We use the word 'education' here because there are many similarities between school and our youth club, which can essentially be considered a soccer school.

The curriculum is designed specifically for youth players; therefore, your players will be assured a proper, age specific learning environment. Our philosophy is to develop skills and techniques to play, encouraging the expression of the player and their ability is vital. We want to open the door of creativity for every player with a soccer ball.

Philosophy :

The JYSC Select iD Academy stresses individual player development rather than team results. It is much more important that we develop players within the proper framework at this age as opposed to demanding that the traditional team structure exist. If we focus on the individual performance of the player, player development and teams will progress will be a byproduct.

Improving Technique:

As previously discussed, when players improve their technical ability they grow in confidence and give themselves a greater capacity to process more information, which is vital in the development of young soccer players. Improving technique is paramount to the development of your player here at JYSC.

Improving Teamwork:

Another way to increase enjoyment of the game is through interaction with other program players & through small group activities which enhance skillful and imaginative play without a traditional team setting- for example (2v1, 2v2, 2v3, 3v3, and 4v4 to goals or targets) Which will result in players being exposed to multiple positions throughout the program.

At a young age, players will play in a number of positions within their age group or training pool to improve their all-around understanding and knowledge of the game. Also, by playing with other members of the age group on a weekly basis they will continue to develop their social skills and form new relationships with players whom they may not have met otherwise.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Youth Academy and the Recreational Program?

The JYSC Select iD Youth Academy program utilizes professional, licensed coaches and is a structured learning environment where the emphasis is on individual player development.    

The Recreational program is designed as a less structured environment for players who want less of a time commitment without a desire to play competitively as they get older. In this program, we rely upon volunteer coaches and they enjoy a shorter season (one season in the fall, another separate season in the spring).

If I receive an invite how do I know that my child ready for this program?

They are all ready and they are all not ready.   Players invited in to the JYSC   Select iD Youth Academy desperately need the type instruction they will receive in this program. However, they will be exposed to a level of training that many of them have not had before, in an unfamiliar format, with many other players they do not know yet. This can be intimidating for many players as they are asked to step outside of their comfort zone and do things differently. From a professional perspective, this is the environment we hope to create which in turn stimulates growth, both from a soccer and social standpoint.

Can my child join if he/she is under the minimum age for the program?

The program is designed for children who are at least 7 years old as of August 1st. However, younger players may be accepted into the program after an evaluation of the player. If you are interested in this option, contact the Director of Coaching to discuss (Gordon Bengtson GordonJYSC@gmail.com)

Do I have to buy a uniform?

No, you will not have to buy a new uniform or any have any other costs associated with the program other than the initial $139 online registration.

Can a player be "cut" from the program?

This is an invitational program but no players are "cut" from the Youth Academy. This is learning environment is focused on individual player development over an extended period of time. Over the course of the program, the goal is to develop each child to their highest potential and prepare them for & place them in the appropriate level of competition at their stage of development.

What is a "pool"?

A pool is a group of players who train together. Because all children develop at different rates, the pool allows our coaches freedom to move players around to meet their developmental needs.

What if my child did not make a Fury team at tryouts?

That is perfectly fine; we will still offer your player the same opportunities in this program to better prepare them for the next season. Each family will be offered the opportunity to speak with one of the Academy staff members or a Club Director at the end of the program. This conversation will be an honest and open dialogue about the development of their player during the Summer Youth Academy for family and staff to collaborate and put together the best a plan of action for that particular player moving forward .

How long is the program? When & where will the Select iD Youth Academy program train?

The summer version of the Select iD Youth Academy program will run for 8 weeks with training taking place at Chuck Rogers from 6:00-7:15 pm on Monday & Wednesday starting June 4th. Invitations and admission into the JYSC S-iD Youth Academy will be open and continue up until the first day of training on Wednesday, June 4th.

More questions?

Please email our Directors of Coaching: Tim Lucas DOC - Girls - JYSCDOC@gmail.com, John McLelland DOC - Boys - JYSCgaffer@gmail.com

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