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Policies and Procedures

Club Refund Policy:

Refunds requested before registration deadline - $20 administration fee
Refund requested after registration deadline and before season start - $30 administration fee
Refunds requested after season start date - no refund

Refunds requested before registration deadline - $20 administration fee
Refund requested after registration deadline and before season start - $30 administration fee
Refunds requested after season start date - no refund

Players are required to commit to a full year of the program.
Multiple payment plans are made available and may vary for each registration program
There are no refunds for the Competitive (FURY) programs. There are considerations for players who have season-ending injuries or move out of the area – these must be requested through the Jacksonville Youth Soccer Club Board of Directors.

Refunds requested before registration deadline - $20 administration fee
Refund requested after registration closes and before Program start - $30 administration fee
Refunds requested after Program/Event start date - no refund

No pets on playing fields:

No pets are allowed on any of our playing fields or practice areas at any and all of our 3 parks. (Earl Johnson Park, Chuck Rogers Park, Losco Park)

JYSC and City of Jacksonville Field Policy

Jacksonville Youth Soccer Club is proud to continue it's partnership with the City of Jacksonville and the Jacksonville Parks and Recreation Department. Jacksonville Youth Soccer Club shall comply with all written policies of The City of Jacksonville and shall only use the Facilities for the purposes of operating and maintaining an activities complex for the public good which furthers soccer activities. No other use of the Facilities is permitted without the prior written consent of the City of Jacksonville, which consent may be withheld in the absolute discretion of Jacksonville Youth Soccer Club. Jacksonville Youth Soccer Club shall administer, maintain, and operate the Facilities during reasonable hours consistent with CLUB’s purposes and uses as described in the Lease agreement with the City of Jacksonville. Jacksonville Youth Soccer Club shall permit the fields to the general public when not under occupancy of any of it's members or players and during any scheduled general field maintenance time periods.As per the City of Jacksonville, Jacksonville Youth Soccer Club shall have priority use of the fields. For questions regarding this partnership agreement, please contact the City of Jacksonville directly at 904-630-CITY.

General Information and Policies for the Competitive Program (Fury):

Try-outs:  Players are selected through an open try-out. Clubwide try-outs are held in late May and early June at the conclusion of the State Cup tournament. The exact schedule for Clubwide try-outs will be published in early May. Throughout the seasonal year, teams may conduct their own try-outs to add additional players on an "as needed" basis.

Registration: Tryout Registration typically opens up towards the end of May each year. Completing the Try-out Registration form does not commit you nor imply acceptance on a Select team.  After Clubwide try-outs are concluded, players chosen for a team will receive notice. Upon notification, the player MUST register online.

Fees:  The fees for the Select Program are set by the Board of Directors each year.  The fee for Select includes training, registration and NFYSL league fees, and other direct and administrative costs.  Fees for Advanced Competitive Leagues such as FPL, FSL, FSPL, Region III Premier, Region B Premier, etc. shall be covered by the individual team that has applied and been accepted to those leagues. This may also include additional fees for Referees and travel. The fees associated with tournaments will be the responsibility of the teams unless otherwise noted, not by the Club. The Club will cover all registration costs associated with obtaining US Club Soccer player passes, and FYSA/US Youth Soccer Player Passes. Uniforms and extra items are to be ordered independently by each player’s family. They may be ordered electronically through a link on our website and will be shipped directly to the player. By accepting a position offered on a JYSC Select team, you accept the obligation for all financial commitments as required by the Select Program of JYSC.  If necessary, financial assistance is available, by special request only.  Details on applying for financial assistance may be requested by email. Failure to meet financial obligations to the club may result in the player being placed on “Not in Good Standing” with the Club as well as FYSA.  Players “Not in Good Standing” shall have all playing privileges suspended until the obligations are fulfilled.  Should a player wish to be released (other than for a season ending injury or a move out of state) or to transfer to another club prior to the end of the seasonal year, the player/parents will be required to fulfill all financial obligations noted above before the Change of Status can be considered.

Players are required to commit to a full year of the program.
Payments are made in 1-6 installments that are outlined before tryouts.
There are no refunds for the select program. There are considerations for players who have season-ending injuries or move out of the area – these must be requested through the JYSC Board of Directors/VP of Select. 

Additional Costs:  There will be additional costs to the player that are not covered by the registration fee. Each team is responsible for presenting a team budget for all items not provided by the Club and distributing that to the parents and the Club. The extra costs are related to participation in tournaments and extra training events, and clearly communicated to the team members. Team accounts are maintained by the Club to process donations made to the Club in the name of a specific team.

Fundraising:  Because the cost of Select Soccer can be expensive, JYSC encourages teams to engage in fundraising and provides several opportunities for participation in Clubwide events including facilitating Concessions, selling Club-approved spirit items, and obtaining team sponsors.

Commitment:  Players registering for the Select Program are committing for the seasonal year which runs from August 1 through July 31 (both fall and spring seasons).  

Training/Practice:  Select teams train at least one time per week with the Club’s professional technical training staff.  There will be, at minimum, a second practice session conducted by the team’s head coach and depending on the age and level of the team, there may be three practice days.  The specific days and times of practice and the location of practice will be determined by the Club and coach.  Your coach will notify you with this information as soon as it is available.

Trainers & Coaches:  Trainers and Coaches may be appointed for each Select team by the Director of Coaching, with approval from the Board of Directors.  Training and Coaching assignments will be announced prior to try-outs.

Season:  In the Select Program, the annual season consists of two divisions, fall and spring.  Select players accepting a position make a commitment to the team for both fall and spring.  Some teams, depending upon the scheduling rotation they are in, may play during the winter season as well.

Seasonal Schedule:  Teams will participate in the North Florida Youth Soccer League (NFYSL), Champions League, Florida State League, Region III Premier League, Florida Premier League, Region B Premier League, Florida State Premier League or other sanctioned leagues.  The teams in NFYSL are located in the North Florida geographical area, including Jacksonville, Orange Park, Gainesville, Lake City, St Augustine, Palm Coast, Green Cove Springs, St. Mary’s, Georgia, and Jekyll Island, Georgia. Teams that compete in Leagues outside of NFYSL are responsible for the fees for those leagues.

Some teams will participate in the Champions League, Florida State League or Region III Premier League.  The dates of play of the regional leagues may vary from NFYSL.  Teams participating in a regional league will travel to locations outside of the North Florida area.  Some regional league play will require overnight stays.  It is necessary for some teams to participate in regional leagues due to the quality of competition.   

Generally speaking, the regular season is ten weeks in the fall and ten weeks in the spring.  Teams will play approximately five home games and five away games during each season.  Most game days will be scheduled on a Saturday; however, there may be some games scheduled on Sunday afternoons as well.

Tournaments:  Select Program teams can expect to attend tournaments over the course of the year; some take place over holiday weekends. Requests for tournament play for each team will be submitted by each team’s head coach to the Director of Coaching for approval. All Select teams are expected to enter into State Cup or Regional Cup tournaments in the spring season that cover multiple weekends. Determining attendance at these events will be at the discretion of each team’s head coach and only if approved by the Director of Coaching. Once agreed upon, all players are required to participate in tournament play.

Parents/Guardians of players participating in tournaments or matches where an overnight stay is necessary shall make reasonable arrangements for their children concerning travel, meals, accommodations, chaperoning/supervision and all other requirements necessary for the care and safeguarding of their children.  Players shall NOT stay overnight in the same room with any coach unless the coach is the player’s parent.  If parents cannot attend an out-of-town match/tournament, they must arrange for the parents of another player, or another suitable adult who is NOT a coach at JYSC, to supervise and chaperone their child. 

Travel expenses associated with Tournament play are the responsibility of each player’s family.  In addition to the registration fee, please be aware that additional costs may be incurred due to out-of-town match/tournament play, including, but not limited to: transportation costs, lodging, and meals. 

State Tournament Play:  Each Select division team will have the registration fee for the Regional Cup paid by the club.  Each Select division team will be responsible for paying for their own State Cup tournament.  Determining attendance at these events will be at the discretion of the team’s head coach and approved by the Director of Coaching.   

Team Coordinator:  Each team will have a team coordinator, appointed by the team coach, who handles all administrative duties of the team.  Each team coordinator, working collaboratively with the coach, will provide information about the team, the team budget, its accomplishments, individual player accomplishments, travel arrangements, travel paperwork, and all other administrative needs of the team.  The team coordinator should enlist the help of other parents on the team to accomplish this task. Creating positions for Team Treasurer and Travel Coordinator is also strongly suggested.

General Information and Policies for the Recreational Program:

The Recreational Program does not keep standings and is open to all applicants, regardless of ability (dependent only on facility space and coach availability). The Recreational Program has two season per year: Fall (September – November) and Spring (March – May). The JYSC Recreational program has both a Girls Division and a Boys Division.  JYSC does not typically encourage co-ed teams.  Teams are grouped by age in single years from Under 5 to Under 10 and in two-year age groups for Under 12 (U11 & U12), Under 14 (U13 & U14),Under 16 (U15 & U16), and a triple-age group for Under 19 (U17, U18, & U19).  We must abide by age guidelines as determined by birth dates.

Refunds requested before registration close - $20 administration fee
Refund requested after registration deadline and before season start - $30 administration fee
Refunds requested after season start date - no refund

Team Assignments U5-U19 – Team assignment is based on a seasonal year that starts with the Fall Season.  Fall teams are formed on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Players may request a particular coach or friend to play with, if and only if you register prior to the Fall Registration deadline.  Coaches in all age groups are volunteers; please be sure to indicate on your child’s form if you are willing to volunteer to coach.  Players returning in the Spring who played in the Fall will be placed on their Fall team, unless otherwise requested. JYSC attempts to honor as many requests as possible but absolutely no guarantees can be made.

Practice Times and Locations U5-U19
 – The volunteer coach sets the practice location and times for the team, subject to availability.  Please note – since our coaches are volunteers, there is no way for JYSC to know your child’s practice schedule until AFTER the season kick-off meeting.  The season kick-off meeting is held approximately 10-14 days prior to the beginning of the season. In the fall, practices do not officially begin until after September 1st. During the registration process, there is a Field Request option to choose between 1 of our 3 parks. (Earl Johnson, Losco Park and Chuck Rogers Park). During team assignments, JYSC does their best to place players on teams who practice near their requested field choice. There are however, no guarantees. 

Game Times and Locations U5-U10 - Games are played at Chuck Rogers Park.  Games are scheduled on Saturdays from 8 A.M. until 5 P.M. and on rare Sundays from 1 P.M. until 5 P.M.

Game Times and Locations U12-U19 - Games are played at Chuck Rogers Park, Earl Johnson Park and Losco Regional Park and throughout the North Florida Youth Soccer Club parks.  Games are scheduled on Saturdays from 8 A.M. until 5 P.M. and on Sundays from 1 P.M. until 5 PM.  

Scheduling U5-U19
 - The goal is for every team to have a schedule of eight games, with a maximum of ten, during the season. Although the schedule may initially be eight to ten games, JYSC cannot guarantee that the team will actually play any particular number of games. Circumstances sometimes arise during a season, over which the Club has no control, that may prohibit a team from playing a scheduled game. These circumstances may include, but are not limited to, weather, a team folding, and a team canceling and failing to reschedule a game due to unforeseen circumstances.

Games are scheduled between teams of the same age and sex.  There may be an odd number of teams in each age group or there may be an even number of teams.  If there is an even number of teams, generally speaking, each team will be scheduled for a Saturday game day.  If there is an odd number in the rotation, generally, each team will have a “bye” week on the schedule.

Playing Time - Youth recreational soccer focuses on the development of the player.  It is an opportunity for each child to learn individual skills and teamwork skills.  Youth recreational soccer is not focused on winning or losing; it is about each child playing to the best of his or her ability while having fun.  It is about rewarding effort. Therefore, regardless of ability, each recreational player is guaranteed playing time during one half of each game. It is the coach’s responsibility to ensure that every child plays an appropriate amount of time. JYSC does not keep standings in the recreational division.

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