This is the first time that FSR is placing the Federation mandated five (5) hour in-service training for annual recertification online. The overwhelmingly positive response from last year's 2 hour modules necessitated that this year FSR experiment by placing the full five (5) hours requirement online with only the testing to be done in a classroom environment. This offers the majority of our members (referees grade 09 and 08) the opportunity to complete their annual recertification from the comfort of their own environment.

  • When an individual registers for the 2011 badge year recertification, that member will be directed to the online general recertification modules which must be completed in their entirety. A personalized certificate will be issued by the system upon completion and must be brought to the classroom.
  • The 100 question written test will be given by the administrator in the classroom and reviewed by the instructor once completed and graded by the administrator. The administrator will also record the written test grade and sign the member's certificate.
  • In order to recertify for 2011, all referees including emeritus, assignors, assessors and instructors, regardless of grade, must complete these general online recertification modules. Referees from grade 07 and higher, all assignors, all assessors and all instructors, have additional requirements that must be met. These additional requirements have not changed over the past years and as a reminder they will be summarized in the "Introduction" module. However, if you still have questions, please contact your ARA.

Following last year's split online and classroom recertification process, it became evident that the members wanted the ability to budget and manage their time much more efficiently. By placing all five (5) hours of the mandated annual recertification online and require only that the written testing be done in person, the process offers to referees grade 09 and 08 the best possible personal flexibility to complete their requirement.

The administrators will schedule the classroom written test portion for referees grade 09 and 08 as appropriate space is offered and becomes available. Referees grade 07 and higher, all assignors, all assessors and all instructors should already be registered to an appropriate course in order to complete their additional requirements.

Who Must Take This Online Module

Anyone who requires annual recertification, regardless of badge type or grade, must take and complete this online five (5) hour program. This means all referees including emeritus, assignors, assessors and instructors, regardless of grade. This is a "must do" for everyone before any member attends the classroom testing or any further classroom or fitness required portion.

 Why Do I Need To Take This Online Module

All assignors, assessors and instructors need to be aware of the information all referees are being exposed to and offered as part of their annual recertification. For referees grade 09 and 08, this five (5) hour module is a Federation minimum requirement for in-service training and annual recertification. For all other referee grades, it is a basic requirement which will be supplemented by additional classroom instruction, fitness challenge and written testing.

Where Do I Find This Online Module

Remember, FSR members have to meet all of the requirements applicable to their badge and grade before they are eligible for annual recertification.

If you want to access these five (5) hour general recertification modules and begin the process before you register online for a recertification class, or if you have already registered for one, please "CLICK HERE"and follow the instructions contained in our web page and within the "Introduction" module. You do not have to do all modules at once. The system is smart enough to know (if you use the same computer) who you are and where you have left off so when you return, the system will offer you the opportunity to start over or continue. Remember, you must use the same computer to complete this process, otherwise you may have to start from the beginning each time you log on from a different computer.

If you wish to register first, then continue to read and access the registration and the online modules via the link at the bottom of this page.

After you read this page in its entirety , click the link at the bottom. You will be taken to the FSR secure site where you will follow the instructions to register for your annual recertification. You must personally register, no one else can do it for you.

What Do I Do After I Complete This Online Module

The last slide of the last module has all of the instructions you need to follow. Be aware that these modules must be 100% completed, that is, both the slides and the narration must be completed 100% on each module before the system allows you to proceed to the next module. All modules are sequenced by FSR and can not be changed. The last slide of the last module contains instructions for printing the completion certificate. A certificate will be printed only for the person who initially loged in to the system. As with any other educational requirement, annual recertification is an individual responsibility. After you print your certificate of completion, go back to the secure FSR web site and complete your registration for the course you chose by answering the appropriate questions. When the page comes up asking you if you completed the general recertification online course, simply answer "Yes" and the system will continue your registration. Don't forget to pay the required fee online or mail it to your administrator.

What Proof Is There That I Completed This Online Course

You do not have to do anything else other than complete all modules as required, print your completion certificate and return to the FSR secure web site to continue your registration for the classroom testing or completion of your additional requirements for your annual recertification . If your administrator or FSR ever needs to confirm your access and completion of this general recertification module, they are able to do so.

Remember, when you have completed this general online module, go back to the secure web site, complete your registration for the recertification class and your testing and make the required payment.

Thank you for supporting our sport, see you in class.

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