How to Become A Referee

How to Become a USSF Certified Soccer Referee

Being a soccer referee can be both rewarding and fulfilling. Whether for a young person learning responsibility or an adult contributing to the sport, referee training and development is the primary mission of the Florida State Referees, Inc. (FSR). To this end, FSR has established the following process to ensure that every person who wishes to become a referee is afforded the opportunity to become certified.

Step 1 - Choose the Right Course:

The Referee Grade 8 Entry Level Course is the most popular course for all ages. This eighteen (18) hour United States Soccer Federation (USSF) national course offers complete basic instruction and prepares an individual to become a USSF Soccer Referee. Florida State Referees (FSR), as a national leader in developing instructional programs, understands and supports the importance of "distance education" as pioneered by higher educational institutions. As a result FSR has separated this course into a reduced twelve (12) hour Classroom participation and Online educational modules which may be completed by individual students at their pace and time. FSR requires that the online instructional modules be completed prior to the classroom instruction since failure to do so will most definitely adversely affect the successful negotiation of this Referee Grade 8 Entry Level Course by the individual student. Complete instructions are available on the registration page and will be emailed to each student by the course administrator. Satisfactory completion of the course and the final 100 question test will prepare the student for certification as a USSF Soccer Referee.

This online Referee Grade 8 Entry Level Modules may be accessed by clicking HERE.

If an individual simply wants to become a Recreational Referee (officiate only recreational in-house club games), there is the Recreational Referee Course (Grade 9). To successfully complete the Grade 9 Recreational Referee course the candidate must attend nine (9) hours of course work, including successfully negotiating a written test.

Step 2 - Create an account on the FSR Central Database:

This allows FSR to contact you by e-mail and be alerted to upcoming events and courses. The information you provide is secure; you will be able to set up a username and password and update your personal information at any time.

Step 3 - Locate a Course Nearby:

This is the complete listing of all courses offered in the state, the course status and the distance of that course from your home address. It is updated continuously. If you do not see a course that is convenient, you can log in to your FSR Central page and submit a request/alert to be notified when a new course is added to the schedule.

Step 4 - Enroll in your Course:

Once you have found a course you wish to take, and are logged in to the FSR central database, all you need to do is click on the "Enroll" button, confirm your registration, and make payment either online or mail the course fee to the name and address on the enrollment information. You will receive confirmation by e-mail from FSR and the course you have selected will appear on your personal page when you log into FSR. If unforeseen circumstances require you to drop or change courses, you can do so from the same secure page.

Step 5 - Attend the Course:

Plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time of the course. There is a lot of material to cover and the instructor will allow breaks between each of the modules. Bring paper and pen or pencil. If it is an all day session, bring your lunch and a snack. In the event of inclement weather or other unforeseen event causing the course to be rescheduled or delayed, you will be notified by e-mail.

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