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Jacksonville Youth Soccer Club (JYSC)...

Offers a full Recreational Program for boys and girls ages 4 to 19.  We encourage parents and community members to volunteer in many ways, including coaching a team.  Our volunteer coaches have great support from the professional coaching staff, and generally enjoy the experience greatly!  The players that are 6-10 are trained by the professional JYSC staff on a weekly basis, although we still need volunteer coaches for games and practices.  In the recreational program, teams are grouped by age in single years from "under 5" (which are kids that are 4 at the start of the season) to "under 10," and then in two-year age groups for the "under 12" through "under 16" ages.  Between 17 and 19, JYSC often has teams that reflect high school and are a combination of those ages.  JYSC recognizes that the single-year age groups are of benefit during the younger years.  JYSC is a member of the Florida Youth Soccer Association, and abides by the age guidelines they require which are determined by birth dates.  

JYSC believes recreational soccer is for EVERYONE!  In recreational soccer, the focus is not on the win or loss, but on participation, growth and team work.  The recreational program is not restricted or limited to kids that have played soccer before...it is open to any player at any skill level.

In addition to the recreational soccer program, JYSC offers a Select Program.  Select soccer at JYSC focuses on providing the highest levels of club soccer.  Teams are selected annually after a tryout period, and are in single age groups from the "under 9" age group through the "under 19" age group.  JYSC provides the top training in the northeast Florida area from a fully licensed and professional staff.  The players practice at least two days a week, and often participate in additional training, practices or skills workshops.  These teams work hard and compete at progressively higher levels that may take them to the state, regional and national levels of competition.

Please see the program information about the recreational and select programs for additional details about equipment, age groups, registration, tryouts, practices and competition.

Refunds requested before registration deadline - $20 administration fee
Refund requested after registration deadline and before season start - $30 administration fee
Refunds requested after season start date - no refund

Players are required to commit to a full year of the program.
Payments are made in 1-6 installments that are outlined before tryouts.
There are no refunds for the select program. There are considerations for players who have season-ending injuries or move out of the area – these must be requested through the JYSC Board of Directors/VP of Select.

And thanks for coming to check out JYSC!!!  Join us on facebook:  www.facebook.com/jysc


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