Questions and Concerns Chain

At times, questions and issues will come up that cannot be answered or dealt with at the team level.  Most of these questions and issues result from a lack of proper communications.  In the event that an issue arises, that in a parent or team’s opinion cannot be solved by the team manager or coach, they should follow these guidelines.    

All questions or issues dealing with coaching issues should be addressed to the team coach and no one else (including the manager).  All questions or issues dealing with the administration of the team should be addressed to the manager.  Only after the question or issue has been addressed to the proper person, should it be forwarded to a higher authority. 

In the event that a questions or issue should arises, please use the following chart to direct to direct to the right person.


Coach Duties & Responsibilities                        Manager Duties & Responsibilities


              Coach                                                             Manager

                   ↓                                                                    ↓

     Boys or Girls Age Group                                     Boys or Girls Age Group
       Development Officer                                           Development Officer

                    ↓                                                                    ↓

         Technical or Club                                               Technical or Club
                Director                                                          Director

                     ↓                                                                   ↓

      Director of Coaching                                           Director of Coaching

                      ↓                                                                  ↓

       Board of Directors                                              Board of Directors

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