JYSC 3 v 3 Winter League
12/6, 12/13, 12/20, 1/10,


Friday Night Games from 6-7pm and 7:30-8:30pm
U7-U13 Boys and Girls

$135 per team (up to 6 players) $150 per team after November 25th


 JYSC Winter 3v3 Leagues (Ages 7-13, Boys, Girls and Coed)

The JYSC Winter 3v3 League is a great mid season opportunity for players who want to play and have fun!  The 3v3 format is a hugely popular, fast growing version of soccer that is helpful in teaching young players how to react quickly on the ball.  For those new 3v3 soccer, please refer the following link


Registration - 

  • Registrations is for Team play and not by individual. In other words, you will Create and Register your entire "Team" and add your players to your team account. You do NOT have to be a Soccer Coach to have a team. The kids will know what to do when they hit the field.
  • Competitive and Recreational options (Depending on the number of teams in each division will determine whether or not we are able to have two separate levels)


  • Takes place in DECEMBER and JANUARY
How long
  • Games last 24 minutes (Two 12 minute halves)
  • Each team plays 2 games per night
  • Start times will be determined when the schedules are complete
  • Losco Park (under the lights)


  • $135 per team (whether you have 3 players or 6 players) - Fee is $150 per team after 11/25
Frequently Asked Questions 


 Q: Will the competition be leveled by ability ie recreational vs competitive? 
o A: We will try our best to group by ability, but that will depend how many teams are registered by age group and the level of play. 
 Q: How many player can we have on a team? 
o A: Minimum is three and the maximum is six.  In order to get the most touches as possible, we recommend a team size of five.
 Q: My child is not currently registered Jacksonville Youth Soccer  (JYSC), can his/her team play in the league? 
o A: Yes,  we welcome interested teams in playing regardless of club.
 Q: Sounds interesting, but I know nothing about 3v3.  Where can I learn more?  A:  Best place to start is to review the rules.  The rules are different than our recreational program.
 Q: Will my child receive a reward for first place, or participating 
o A: Each child will receive a T-shirt.  Scores and standings will not be keep.
 Q: How much time will between games. 
o A: Time between each game will be five minutes  
 Q: When will I know the schedule for my child games? 
o A: The schedule will be posted by 11/25/12. 
 How long is each game: 
o A: 24 minutes 
More questions?  Contact the club at gordonjysc@gmail.com
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