NCAA Eligibility Center (formerly the Clearinghouse)

Registering for the Eligibility Center, formerly known as the NCAA Clearinghouse, is a requirement for any student-athlete who plans to play NCAA Division I or II sports. If you know you are going to play D-III or NAIA, then you may ignore this message.

The Eligibility Center is the one place that ALL D-I and D-II member institutions use to verify the core grade point average, test scores, and the number of core classes, for each student-athlete.

Register at: https://web1.ncaa.org/eligibilitycenter/common/

There is a fee of $50.00 to register. So have a credit card ready.

There is no deadline for registration but it should be done sometime during your junior year. You may not take an “official visit” (which cannot occur until September of your senior year) without at least being registered. It is also required that you have a copy of your test scores and transcripts at the ready to fax or mail before your official visit.

At the end of your junior year you should get an official copy of your high school transcript and once you have your PIN and ID number back from the website e-mail the transcript to the NCAA Eligibility Centre. Always use a read-receipt delivery method when sending items to the Clearinghouse. There is a NEW requirement that your test scores must be sent electronically (not mailed by you or your school) to the Eligibility Center. You can do this for no charge when registering for either the SAT or ACT. There is an option to send your scores to 5 schools. One of the 5 choices should be the Eligibility Center. The code you use for this is 9999. This code goes in the place of the school code.

A recent addition to the NCAA eligibility format is the NCAA Amateurism Certificate Questionnaire. You need to complete this form when you register. Answer NO to all questions, except the last one, which is YES.

The MOST important part of the Eligibility Center comes at the end of your senior year when you repeat the process of sending your final Official Transcript. This is the final step for eligibility after you have officially graduated. PLEASE send the paperwork YOURSELF to the Clearinghouse. We have found it better to take charge of your own eligibility a better way than letting your high schools do it!

There are over 350,000 registrations a year so don’t wait for your school to mail and track the delivery of all documents. Check the NCAA Eligibility Center website weekly for notification of your clearance. Until you are 100% cleared you can NOT compete for your college team. The site is pretty self explanatory.

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